What We Will Do For You.

Account Management
Rymar will pay all of the client’s bills on their behalf. Ranging from day to day bills or the annual taxes they all are covered.
Landscape Maintenance & Installation
From new installations to the ongoing maintenance Rymar will ensure that your property maintains its curb appeal. Our experienced team will ensure the gardens always look great.
Building Maintenance
Focusing on preventive maintenance Rymar has endeavoured to create a ‘perfect’ home when clients come to visit. Minimizing breakdowns and problems increases a client’s satisfaction.
Pool & Pond Care
We maintain pools and ponds for all of our clients while maintaining a professional relationship with Aqua-Tec Inc. and PondFly Inc. respectively to ensure the standard are maintained.
Facilities Management
Rymar will manage all the working elements of the building. Whether it is outsourced or completed in-house we are there throughout the entire process on behalf of the client.

Need A Personalised Plan? No Problem.

Rymar Properties is happy to cater to each client’s individual needs. Whether it is account management, cutting lawns or to the entire management of a property from the front gate to the foundation we can tailor a plan to you. There is no property too big that Rymar can’t manage.

Feel free to contact us from more details on how we can personalise out services to suit your needs.